About Us

Our History

Seeds Foundation has been active in Pakistan since the terrible Earthquake in Pakistan in 2005.

The earthquake led to the destructions of many towns and cities where over 120,000 people were trapped and killed in the collapsed building and left around 3 million people homeless. Muzaffarabad City was severely affected. Nearly 90% of schools, hospitals, roads and infrastructure had been destroyed.

Half a million school children were affected and resumed their education in shelters. After the earthquake, Seeds foundation has supported more than 20,000 children by providing free education, uniform and course books and free medical facilities. We are continuously supporting the orphan and needy children through sponsorship until now. We empower hundreds of children into employment and education and support the deprived and poor communities in the region.

Our Mission

To empower people from disadvantaged communities through education and skills

At Seeds Foundation we believe that no-one young or old should be a victim of such circumstances. Our mission is to equip the young children not only with education but skills as well so, after completion of their education they can play an active role in the society.  Due to this, the school strives to provide the students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to better themselves in the society and have better lives. Seeds Foundation empower people from disadvantaged communities, through education and training.

At Seeds Foundation, we educate the disadvantaged people and give them a hope for a better future through the skills and knowledge our beneficiaries gain from our different projects.

Where Are We Now

SEEDS has come a long way since its founding in 1994, and it now mainly operates from the UK. SEEDS also operates a branch in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan (now known as 'SIES') - and the progress we have made in Pakistan can be seen by the growing percentage in literacy, education, and skilled proffessions in Muzaffarabad. In future these outcomes are likely to positively affect Muzaffarabad's economy - ending the extreme poverty the people of Muzaffarabad face today.