Our team

Farooq Mir - Chairman

Farooq Mir is the founder and chairman of Seeds Foundation. Mr Farooq Mir acts as a figurehead and oversees the board members, staff and volunteers. Also, he oftenly leads the monthly committee meetings within the organisation - where the monthly agenda and progress is discussed. There is also a responsibility to ensure an effective relationship between the trustees, the staff and the volunteers.

Farooq Mir public speaking at Charity Dinner 2017

Firdouse Mir - Vice Chairwoman

Mrs Firdouse Mir has 23 years of teaching experience, along with 10 years of tutoring, and also teaching assistant experience in the UK. Firdouse was trained overseas with 14 years of teaching experience in: History and English at all levels - between the ages of 5-16. Firdouse has also been promoted as a Senior Secondary English Teacher in Anwar Kosar Govt College for Women Hattain Bala MZD (A.K) PAK. Firdouse has completed 7 years teaching in Karimia School and received the 'best teacher award' for the year 2016. She also has a vast experience within the social sector and is also a skilled bilingual tutor.

Maggie Gadsby - Vice Chairwoman

Mrs Maggie Gadsby first became involved with the SEEDS Foundation in 2014 as a volunteer. Maggie's key areas of expertise and interests are: development of schools, and training teachers. Maggie is now on the board of trustees for SEEDS Foundation where she serves as Vice Chairwoman. Maggie has been a Teacher for over 20 years including: Special Needs, Dyslexia and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

Hamza Maqsood - Administration

Mr Hamza Maqsood joined the team this year alongside his Business Studies Course at Nottingham Trent University. His role is of great importance within the SEEDS Foundation - he is the prime contact for many of our members, he provides feedback to donors, keeps files of records about our projects, and also organizes meetings within the SEEDS Foundation.

Robert V Zirnis - Marketing & IT Director

Mr Robert Zirnis joined the SEEDS Foundation in January, 2018. Since then - he has implemented new Donation systems on Facebook, as well as our website. More recently, under his initiative - the SEEDS website has seen a major overhaul.

Tariq Saleem - Educational Advisor

Mr Tariq Saleem has a great 20 years of experience within the Education and Administration sectors. With a Masters' Degree in Maths & Economics, Tariq is a great asset to the SEEDS Foundation. More recently, he has taken part in our 'SEEDS Homework Club' project as a Maths Tutor.

Mohammed Ishaaq - Educational Advisor

With a PHD in Islamic Studies, and 15 Years' experience within the Education & Training sectors, Mr Mohammed Ishaaq is a crucial member of the SEEDS' team. Mohammed has overseen the success of many educational projects done by SEEDS, and he also works hard daily to develop new projects and organize fundraising events & meetings.