SIES (Pakistan)

Following the success of our UK charity, we have established a daughter establishment based in Pakistan providing orphaned children and children from extremely deprived backgrounds with both education and support. One way in which we have achieved this goal is through the establishment of the Capital Public School located in Azad Kashmir in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan. Capital Public School was established with the aim of combining the English curriculum with basic Islamic values. The school currently caters for nursery aged children right through the age of sixteen. Prior to the October 2005 earthquake that devastated Pakistan, the school had around 300 pupils enrolled. Sadly, however, the earthquake claimed the lives of seventeen students, with an additional thirty being injured and the school collapsed and was destroyed.

Since these devastating events, the school reverted back to using tents, reopening in December 2005 and has continued to go from strength to strength and now currently has around 150 students. Seventy percent of these students are either orphaned or come from severely deprived backgrounds and their education is provided for free along with provisions for uniforms and books also being provided for. The school now also boasts two nurseries providing care for infants. The school also provides for the needs of the community through free medical surgeries, the distribution of food parcels and providing deprived and orphaned children with Eid gifts.

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