International Projects

SEEDS Model School, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir

SEEDS model school has a history of serving local and needy children and it has so since 1994, this school has not only benefited up to 3000 children orphans but has also given them an opportunity to study from nursery to secondary school level. It was originally called Capital Public School but the name was changed in January 2013

The unique idea was to establish a school which catered students from the English Medium Curriculum along with the important foundation of basic Islamic knowledge, so the students can serve the community in a moral and religious way with their Islamic knowledge. This idea proved to be incredibly successful as we started off with only 27 children in the first year of operating the school and since then the school has been getting up to 120 admissions per year. 

The school gradually grew and successfully completed the primary level in 1997. The school further decided to introduce a middle school in 1998 and this was also successfully ran until 2005.  During this period seven badges of students have successfully completed their school education.  During these 7 years, 200 students have completed their studies at Capital Public School and have further progressed to higher education. We are proud to say that because of the students having such a strong foundation they have gone on to higher education and have further established careers in various professions such as doctors, engineers and teachers and are now serving the community  as a successful citizen of the country.

The history of the school is divided into 2 eras. The first era is from 1994 to 8th October 2005 when the horrific earthquake occurred. The earth quake killed over 80,000 people on the morning of 8th of October 2005, and left about 3 million people homeless. At that dreadful time there were about 300 students studying at the school, 17 children lost their lives and nearly 30 children were injured. The school building completely collapsed destroying the whole structure. The families have been dislocated and have become seriously vulnerable. It was therefore a big challenge to rehabilitate the school, because the city of Muzaffarabad was severally hit and most of the buildings were collapsed.

The second era is after October 2005, when a new life was started in very different way. The school was once again resumed using tents from December 2005 and we are pleased to say that we have been running the school up till now with same zeal and zest. There are 150 children studying in this school currently and nearly 70% are orphans and needy. They are getting free education, uniforms and free books and the project is serving the needs of the effects of the earthquake and is contributing towards their social economic development.  Nearly 80% of the cost of the school is managed by the founding members of the school.

Free Education, health and Uniform, Free advice and guidance and training

According to the world bank statistics shows that half of the world of lives on less than $2.50 dollar per day and 900  million people cannot read and write. Around 20 million children are not going to schools in Pakistan. SEEDS foundation is committed to helping the world’s most vulnerable children, and disadvantaged community, and we continue to do so in many of the most difficult and underserved places of remote areas of  Azad Kashmir and Pakistan to changes their lives through education, skills, health, emergency relief and poverty reduction. SEEDS foundation has been delivering many international and local projects for disadvantaged and deprived people worldwide.

We are working with many other organisations to support the international community through different projects in developing countries. The current issues of these countries are poverty, unemployment, education and health and hygiene. There are 2 out of 5 children are out of the school and 7 out of the 10 people are living under the poverty line. We have supported nearly 5000 children to bring back into schools and we have provided food and clothing to 5000 underprivileged families. We have also facilitated more than 20,000.00 peoples and families through our different projects.

 In 2020, we supported the most vulnerable people and families of Azad Kashmir from Covid 19 to provide them the food packages and health kits and hands sanitisers.

Ramadan Food Parcels & Eid gifts

Seeds Foundation has been running this project for the last 7 years to provide food packages and Eid Gifts to the poorest of poor peoples of Pakistan, there are thousands of families who can’t afford the basic needs of life for their survival.  Each year, in the month of Ramadan, we provide full month food packages to those most needy and deserving families, who can’t afford everyday food. The number of these families are increasing every year. Furthermore, we are providing Eid Gifts and toys to orphans on the special day of Eid. We have been running this project since 2014.We have supported more than 5500 families and peoples through this project with the help of donors.

Qurbani Project

SEEDS Foundation has been delivering Qurbani  project since 2010. Qurbani takes place after the Eid-ul-Adha prayer, the first ten days of the final month of the Islamic calendar Dhul Hijjah. The sacrifice is carried out from the tenth day of this holy month, marking the start of Eid-ul-Adha and the feast of the sacrifice, up until the twelfth day. Qurbani must be given before the twelfth day of Dhul Hijjah. To ensure that Seeds foundation project can carry out your Qurbani, you must give it before the tenth of Dhul Hijjah. SEEDS Qurbani has been performing this project   since 2005 in the remote areas of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan and distribute the meat to those poorest of the poor people. Who can’t afford the meat throughout the year? We distribute meat for more 650 people and families each year. We have facilitated more than 15000 families through this project.