Our Projects

'Great Mums with Great Kids'

The duration of this project was six weeks. We mainly targeted mothers from ethnic minority backgrounds, and did not have access to training & education courses due to language and cultural barriers. We understand that these mothers are facing many difficulties in integrating into the British society, so we wanted to help.

One of the aims of this project was to develop their confidence and self esteem, so that they may gain employability skills, which would lead on to better employment in the future. 

Another aim was to disengage their children from gang violence and anti-social behaviour through improved communication between mothers and their children, as there is a generation and cultural gap between these mothers and their children, due to both experiencing different external cultures and societies.

Furthermore, the project gave information on a range of activities they could participate in with their children, how mothers could support their children throughout the different stages in their life, and how to help support the children's transition into adulthood.

'Inspiring Young People'

This project was established to work with young people within the Berridge Ward area. We know that the young need help and motivation in areas of education and employment. We focus on the individuals who are struggling in school or college, and those in long term unemployment.

Our aim is to help and inspire these young people to go back into education, work, or training. The project mainly takes place at Anglo Skills College and compromises of mentoring sessions and workshops within a 10 week period. The participants are usually 30 young people - aged 16-21, who are living in the deprived areas of Berridge Ward and its surrounding areas. 

The sessions cover: personal development, practical and interpersonal skills, mentoring, training and/or employment. These sessions give them the motivation, confidence-boost, and the skills needed to change their lives for the better. 

Information, Advice & Guidance

SEEDS Foundation is organising different drop-in sessions for young people and women from BME backgrounds. This is to ensure that they can access IAG on issues which affect their lives, such as: education, health, unemployement, drugs, domestic violence etc.

SEEDS Foundation aims to also make careers' education more accessible to young people and ensure that they make the right decisions when it comes to education, training, or even employment.

This service will also empower minority women who might be a victim to their culture & tradition, and suffer from domestic violence, or any other type of abuse.

Social Integration for Life in the UK

SEEDS Foundation started this course to empower minority women, who have limited knowledge of the values & customs of other cultures. Due to this, they have a limited role within the British society.

This course will ensure their full integration into the British society, and ensure they know of the British values: Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect for and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith (Secularism).