SEEDS International Educational System

SEEDS International Education System project has provided education & training to all type of children within community including the orphans,the needy and the disadvantaged children within the community of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. We are providing our services since 1994 and we have educated more than 1500 children up to primary and secondary levels. Some of our students have achieved higher education and are currently employed in their areas of expertise.

The history of the SEEDS International Education System can be divided into two eras: the first era being 1994-2005 when the school was successfully running to cater for more than 300 students with high quality of modern education with Islamic values . The second era 2005 - present where the school is transformed to SEEDS International Education System after the Kashmir Earthquake of 2005. On October 8th, the earthquake took the lives of over 80,000 people, and left over 3 million homeless, orphaned, and in need. Muzaffarabad was severely damaged by this earthquake, and most of its infrastructure was destroyed. On that day, just over 300 children were studying at the SEEDS Model School - 17 had lost their lives, and 30 were severely injured. The SEEDS Model school had completely collapsed

We decided that the education must resume, so for a temporary period - we used tents. Since then, we have made progress from the devastated setback that was the 2005 earthquake, and now we have transformed the schools to open our education services to all kind of communities including disadvantage and orphan children. We ensure that children from all the communities should be able to learn and facilitated equally . This project is improving the lives of many, so see if you yourself can get involved and help out.

SEEDS Foundation Activites 2016 -2019

SEEDS Foundation has been involved in a number of activities and some of these includes;Promoting International Modern Education system,carrying out annual Qurbani projects,Distributing Ramadan Food packages,offering free medical camp,Sponsoring Orphans and Needy Children,offering free books and uniforms to needy children,Women skills education,Young peoples training and employment,SEEDS Homework Club.

SEEDS Foundation Activities - Seeds Model School

Oath taking ceremony 2017 - حلف برداری کی تقریب