SEEDS Community Learning

SEEDS Foundation is a registered charity, working for disadvantaged people, youth and children from all diverse backgrounds of race, age and gender – especially from the disadvantaged areas of Nottingham. The aim of SEEDS foundation is to empower the women, and youth through training and employment.

Our aim is to equip and empower them with advanced learning skills, ESOL Training, knowledge and achievement. SEEDs Foundation has run variety of community learning courses with the partnership of council and completed in given times. These courses especially are designed for those women who are isolated and not participating actively in British society even when they had good educational background. Through these courses SEEDs helps and supports them on how to develop their skills and empower them for future challenges.

SEEDs Project Activities

We also look to support young people and adults to raise their achievement levels in different areas of life, as well as to provide them with employability courses without discrimination. This support would further boost their self-esteem and improve their employment, job prospects and further education prospects.

SEEDs especially empower the single mums to work independently and help to get employment after completing these courses. SEEDs also running the free homework club for young children. Qualified teachers with DBS check are working with the organisation. We also provide the feedback to parents about the progression of their children in different subjects. SEEDs foundation has run many Nottingham City Council funded projects in the past that have been very successful. We have run many training courses to meet the community needs and trained more than 200 people of various community learning and ESOL courses.